Why do old drivers put a piece of soap in the car?
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Why do old drivers put a bar of soap in their cars

Many old drivers in the car put a bar of soap, do not know what is used, the following Custom packaging soap wholesale China will take us to understand, you will thank me after reading.

Most of us drive to work or go to work, but you haven't noticed that some people put a bar of soap in the car. Many people may not understand what the purpose of putting soap in the car is.

Let's take a look.

Put a bar of soap inside the car is very useful, usually a rain rearview mirror is hung full of water, the window is the same, it is easy to affect the line of sight of driving, it is difficult to dry quickly without cloth.

OEM soap

OEM soap

So usually you can put a layer of soap on the mirror surface, and then use a cloth to spread the soap evenly, so that a layer of soap film will be formed, and the rain is not easy to adhere to it. Let's see what happens.

The water goes straight up and down. It doesn't stick to it and form droplets.

Same thing on the window. It dries quickly in a minute or two. Spray Windows without soap and spray them with water droplets.

In addition, usually open the air conditioning, the windshield is easy to fog, as long as a layer of soap, cloth daub, so it will also form a film on the glass, the glass is not easy to fog.

Put it in the car when you're not using it. You don't need to put any perfume in the car.

How, put a piece of soap in the car, its effect is not bad!

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